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Showroom and store

In our sample exhibit of 200 square meters and can see different patterns and finished pieces of decorative sculptures, modern and classic style.



You will find many parts in stock, ready for placement: moldings, arches, columns, capitals, indirect light visors, shelves, decorative wall lights, friezes, signs, etc..


Own workshop and construction

We design and manufacture our own factory by hand each piece.


Our team specializes in work force has a long experience in the placement of pieces of decoration il'enguixat impeccable.


Ensuring high quality finishes, security and cleanliness in the work.


Custom projects and consulting

We work with individuals, designers and decorators to carry out their projects and decorative ideas to make their homes, restaurants, shops, etc..



We work on commission, seeking an environment that best suits your style.


Artistic works and heritage restoration

We collaborate with artists in creating works in plaster and molds for making their creations in other materials. We work in reproductions of antique sculptures, decorative and elements for the preservation of original historic elements.


We make restoration for the conservation of decorative elements of ancient buildings, avoiding the loss of architectural heritage.


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